Carpet cleaning and storage

Summer is on its way and you think it is time to clean and maintain your valuable and favorite carpets? Your choice may be more secure, more efficient and more economically advantageous this year! And all this because Biokarpet, the carpet expert, with 70 years of experience in carpet creation, particularly in the prefecture of Attica, will… clean for you! The new integrated services Carpet Cleaning provided by Biokarpet are not limited to the classic cleaning and simple storage. A series of absolutely specialized and guaranteed services with a particularly high standard –in ideal conditions for your carpets – and under the tight control and care of Biokarpet, will revitalize them ensuring that you will receive them brighter, cleaner and more vivified having undergone the best possible maintenance. The services include the repair of damaged points and handmade fringes! When it comes to storage, the carpets are packaged in special cases that allow carpets to “breathe”, while the humidity is electronically controlled and they are stored in a sterilized area with stable environmental conditions. Does all this seem to you to be a high-tech solution? Yes it is! It costs little! This year you can entrust the cleaning and storage of your carpets to the experience of Biokarpet. Choose the high-tech cleaning service Carpet Cleaning of Biokarpet and leave your valuable carpets in the hands of experts. On the other hand, Biokarpet is not by chance the No. 1 carpet company in Greece, a 100% Greek company that always remains “first in our hearts”! Call the toll-free number 800 1168 168 and learn everything about our new service Carpet Cleaning by Biokarpet. 


Biokarpet Carpet Cleaning: 
N. Kifisia: 4 Artemidos Street,
Komvos N. Kifisias
Telephone number: +30 210 807 3885, +30 210 8001968 & toll-free number 800 1168 168

Ioannina: 4th klm. Ioannina - Athens,
Telephone number: +30 26510 85214

Thessaloniki: Pilea - 9th klm. Thessaoniki - Moudania
Telephone number+30 2310 489488