About Us


A life dedicated to carpets!

For over 70 years now, we have been "weaving" our heritage and classic values together with the latest modern trends, to become today the greatest Greek company in the production and marketing of carpets - handmade and machine-made - moquettes, blankets, flokati rugs, as well as other products related to flooring and home decoration.

Inspired by natural materials, art and architecture, culture and tradition, we create each of our collections, bringing high-end and contemporary aesthetics to your space with unique carpet designs, from classic and modern to the rarest handmade ones.

Each and every one of our handmade carpets
is also an amazing journey to the distant countries of the east.

We travel across the entire Asian continent, including India, Persia and Afghanistan, to meet the world's most admirable artisans and bring the art of handmade and the most exquisite designs into your hands. Biokarpet is today the largest importer of handmade carpets in Greece.

Ensuring exclusive cooperation
with famous foreign houses,

Biokarpet offers premium ranges of carpets that bear their signature. Our latest successful collaboration with Naf Naf is characterized by unique designs that usually become the season's best-sellers.

Being also highly involved in the field of homeware,
the wide range of Biokarpet products also includes the extensive Biokarpet Home and Naf Naf collections, including linens, throws, furnishing fabrics and curtains in selected stores of our network, as well as partner linen stores.

Our entry into the field of bedware took place
with the creation of the Bonmat product line,

which actually realized our vision to be able to cover the concept of "home" from top to bottom. In collaboration with a specialized production unit, we now also offer top quality anatomical mattresses for adults and kids, in three of the company’s physical stores.

The recent business co-location
of Biokarpet with the Entos company

in our renewed store in Kifissia offers an upgraded shopping experience with innovative ideas, ergonomic solutions and high aesthetic products for every space and style of residence, for a complete and prompt service in just one visit!

Biokarpet’s activity at B2B level is also significant,
well known in the field of professional use as Biokarpet Contract. Our many years of experience, know-how, the top quality of our products and the reliability of our people, ensure that we provide the best results and the most ideal solutions to hotels, casinos, convention centers, churches, banks, offices, ships, restaurants and other professional areas with great demands.

Today, Biokarpet's stores’ network is one
of the largest in the industry worldwide,

as it includes 45 actual stores, of which 41 are based in Greece and 4 abroad - 1 store in Romania, 1 in Bulgaria, 1 in Albania and 1 in Cyprus.

A lifetime dedicated to the carpets,
our homelife and everything surrounding it.

Over 70 years of love and dedication to what we do, in order to provide today top-quality products that stand the test of time, timeless pieces for a lifetime, but also unique designs from new collections that are kept up-to-date every year according to the latest international fashion trends.

More than 70 years together and counting.

Together for life!