Pierre Cardin machine-made carpets 
Biokarpet brings haute your feet in collaboration with the French Fashion Designer Pierre Cardin exclusively for Greece. It is about unique and modern carpets of exquisite quality which bear the signature of the French Designer. Modern designs, particularly expressive colors and carefully selected materials.

Disney carpets 
Biokarpet, with the assistance of the largest animation studio, transforms a kid room into a mini Disneyland. It is about a famous collaboration of Biokarpet with Disney Company exclusively for the Greek market. Heroes such as Winnie the Pooh, Princess, Mickey, Cars, Planes, Fairies and many others decorate the favorite carpets of young children. Disney collections are characterized by excellent quality and high aesthetics. The raw materials of these products are strictly selected, the weaving is done using state-of-the-art machinery, the processing prevents allergies and fungi, the colors are indelible and always in fashion, while they have been proven durable for many years.

Naf-Naf white linen 
Biokarpet marks another entrepreneurial activity cooperating with Naf-Naf Company, presenting exclusively to the Greek market a complete white linen collection. High-quality products, at competitive prices, inspired by current trends, add style to the daily life.

Roberto Cavalli wallpapers 
Biokarpet presents exclusively to the Greek market the collection of wallpapers created and signed by the famous Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. Modern and classic patterns, particular colors and of course animal prints, the trademark of Cavalli, play a leading role. Roberto Cavalli wallpapers combine ideally the value of fashion with the strong personal identity.