NAF-NAF collection is now available at Biokarpet! 

Biokarpet Group has undertaken the exclusive representation of white linen of the famous French NAF-NAF House for Greece. 

It is about an important commercial success of the Group, which enriches in this way the home collections. This success follows the renewal of the commercial policy of Biokarpet stores in 2011. 

NAF-NAF is one the most famous and modern fashion houses in France, which, after entering the eponymous clothing field, has actively involved in the trade of white linen and homeware all around the world. NAF-NAF white linen collection includes unique series of bed sheets, duvet covers, comforters, bedspreads, blankets, kids’ blankets and bath linen. 

If you are going to renovate your house and if you love the affordable, modern and eponymous homeware, the contact with NAF-NAF collection will be a very strong experience. Particular blends in monochrome, colorful, striped or floral designs that are all made of pure and top quality materials using the exclusive design of French NAF-NAF designers. You will find NAF-NAF collection in BIOKARPET stores and in selected white linen stores. 

Central distribution: 
Postal Code: 41110 LARISSA
Telephone number: (2410)-688688 
Fax: (2410)-688510