The Company

Biokarpet constitutes the largest Greek company that produces and trades carpets (handmade and machine-made), moquettes, blankets, flokati rugs and other products that are related to flooring and home decoration.
Biokarpet is the largest company that has been producing the traditional flokati for over 60 years. Nowadays, this traditional but at the same time modern “shaggy-type” carpet has been successfully established by Biokarpet worldwide. 
In the field of handmade and machine-made carpets, Biokarpet has been driving developments forward for many decades. The love of tradition renders Biokarpet the largest importer of carpets in Greece from the countries of the East such as Persia, Afghanistan and India. The executives of Biokarpet travel to the counties of the East for a charming trek searching unique handmade carpets. 
Over recent years it has ensured famous collaborations with houses abroad. More concretely, Biokarpet cooperates with Disney Company for the production of exclusive designs for children’s carpets, moquettes and it is the exclusive representative of Pierre Cardin carpets. 
Moreover, Biokarpet is the Greek exclusive representative of the Spanish Ka International which has products such as upholstery, curtains, throws, straw mats, decorative species and furniture. 
Having an integrated variety of textile products, the company is also actively involved in the field of wood flooring (indoor and outdoor) and in the sector of home textiles with Biokarpet Home and Naf-Naf products which include white linen, upholstery, curtains and wallpapers. 
In addition, Biokarpet operates in the field of professional use as Biokarpet Contract. The 60 years of experience, the know-how, the variety and the quality of products, besides the strong desire and knowledge of its people, enable Biokarpet to provide reliable solutions for churches, hotels, casinos, conference centers, banks, offices, ships, restaurants etc. 
The target of the company is to expand the activities in more countries making the Biokarpet branded products even more recognizable in the international markets. 
Nowadays, the network of Biokarpet stores is one of the most powerful ones in this field at a global level, because 53 stores are already in operation, 43 of which are found in Greece while the remaining 10 stores operate abroad. In particular, there are 4 stores in Romania, 3 in Bulgaria, 1 in Cyprus, 1 in Poland and 1 in Albania. 

Postal Code: 41110 LARISSA 
Telephone number: (2410)-688688 
Fax: (2410)-688510