Biokapret is activated also in Contract Business thru a separate division BIOKARPET CONTRACT. The long lasting experience & know-how, the quality & diversity of the products, in addition with the people expertise, provide the ability to offer reliable solutions that can meet every demand on a Contract Project (Hotels, Casino, Conference Centers, Banks, Office Areas, Cruise Ships, Restaurants, Club, etc.). BIOKARPET CONTRACT is able to offer a complete & diverse range of products such as wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles, area rugs, hard flooring (pre-finished parquet, laminate, Pvc, Outdoor), upholstery fabrics, curtain fabrics, bed & bath linen & wall coverings. Custom products & Turn-Key Solutions (installation included) is also another possibility that BIOKARPET CONTRACT can offer to a Project. All products combine durability & design, meet all International standards & specifications at pricing that only Biokarpet can offer you. 
Biokarpet Contract offers a great variety of aluminium products by Exalco Company, one of the greatest aluminium industries in Greece. Exalco provides opening, sliding, folding, with thermal break aluminium systems, advanced shading and atrium systems, as well as aluminium railings for indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, Exalco operates in the renewable energy domain, producing aluminium mounting systems for photovoltaic panels (for photovoltaic parks, rooftops and industrial roofs).
Specialized professionals of Biokarpet Contract are available at your disposal to responsibly undertake the placement of your window frames, in any region of Greece.


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