Exalco - Aluminium Systems

EXALCO S.A., one of the greatest aluminium industries in Greece, was founded in 1973 having its main headquarters in Larissa. Having established a long and successful presence at the Greek aluminium history, the company’s name is linked with the tradition, experience, development and quality of its products and services.
Exalco is an integrated industrial unit producing aluminium profiles, having the possibility to cover all the modern structural and architectural needs. 
Εxalco nowadays, consists of two subsidiaries abroad, Exalco Romania SRL in Bucharest and Exalco Bulgaria SRL in Sofia, and has developed an extended sales network both in domestic and foreign markets. 

The products 
  • Aluminium profiles for general constructional and industrial uses 
  • Aluminium systems (ALBIO) for doors, windows, building façades, atriums, and many other architectural constructions 
  • Composite Aluminium panels (EXALCO-BOND), applicable to the most modern architectural constructions, offering a great variety of design options 
  • Aluminium shading systems (Albio Solar)
  • Aluminium railing system for indoor and outdoor settings (Exrail System)
  • EXALCO SUNERGY photovoltaic systems 
  • Accessories and other supplementary products

For more information, please visit EXALCO's site at www.exalco.gr